ARNA has hosted online retreats, Pentecost studies via podcast, and local hub prayer meetings however this was the first time that we have had the opportunity to visit a variety of churches for ministry and encouragement a visiting speaker. Teresa has broad church experience and competencies growing up as the daughter of an Anglican priest and marrying in to another Anglican clergy family, with her husband Gavin. Teresa received her doctorate from Charles Sturt University, which focused on the challenge and dynamic of preaching through interpreters. Her paper was based on in-filed research from her broad mission experience across the world.  Many of these trips have been with SOMA UK and Australia.  Recently KITE Ministries was launched and already this has ensured 2022-23 will be busy years! Earlier this year Teresa was ordained in the Four Square Church in California where she now lives with her husband.

Below is a cameo of responses from her visit and we look forward to hosting her again should God bring her back in Australia.


July 23
Batemans Bay Anglican-audio

July 24
Southland Church Batemans Bay-video
Teresa commences at about 39:20 into the recording

July 24
Batemans Bay Anglican -audio
All Shall Prophesy



It was a great opportunity for the new church of Cameron Park, to host ARNA’s gathering in Newcastle.  It combined the meeting of old friends and leaders in the church with those emerging in the faith. Teresa spoke on the Prayer Book invocation Renew us by Your Holy Spirit.  And we were encouraged in a time of refreshing prayer and ministry.

Sydney – Watsons Bay

Bp Stuart Robinson writes: ‘A great many thanks for the refreshment and joy your ministry brought to our little church family at Watson’s Bay. Your gracious and life giving words and testimony, in God’s mercy, blessed so many people. The feedback is brilliant. May the Lord continue to steam torrents of wholeness, healing, joy, and hope through you, Teresa.’  One parishioner wrote

More than I can find ‘emailese’ for – it was such a blessing and delight for us to be at St Peter’s this morning; such a wonderful privilege and encouragement to listen to Teresa ; to be with and to meet Ian; and a real joy to find such open hearted conversation (and fellowship) with so many generous people ….etc..etc..!’

And Bp Ian Lambert had the joy of leading a young man to Christ after the service.  The fellow wrote of his experience: ‘Thank you for helping me welcome Jesus into my life. It was a deeply moving experience for me. I felt as you began to pray for me the sun became far brighter, and the sky seemed clearer as you prayed. I felt light wash over me in the exact moment you guided me to welcome Jesus into my life.  Thank you for your prayer.  I have had some time this afternoon to reflect on what welcoming Jesus into my life means for me personally. I feel that with Jesus in my life, I can find in him strength, love, compassion and fearlessness. The words Teresa said today that struck me so deeply (this is me paraphrasing) were:

Heaven sees all. Through our prayer, and through all our tears, and despite the challenges we face, Heaven sees us …. So despite the adversity we face and the challenges, Heaven will always be the witness to our endeavours.”

I found her message of how faith gives her resiliency and certainty in the face of doubt to be a very positive message.’


At Cootamundra our ministry and teaching was greatly enhanced by the Fruit of the Spirit worship team and a big thank you to Ruth and the sisters.    Rev Gunning wrote: ‘A breath of fresh air!  Teresa was filled with love for God and it showed. Her words were both encouraging and challenging ! One man said he had no intention of coming but was so glad he did. He went forward for prayer and was moved to tears by  the love of God. Teresa carried God’s love with a message of hope and encouragement. Just what was needed after covid.’ During the ministry and prayer time an elderly gentleman rushed to the front as soon as the invitation was given and he said ‘ I don’t want prayer, but would you pray with me a prayer of thanksgiving because as I was singing and praising God my back which was totally locked up was free and I can now drive to Sydney’. It was a great encouragement to see a variety of churches represented in the 50+ congreation.

Canberra – Charnwood/Holt

On a cold wintery mid-week night we meet in Charnwood and we were carried in worship by the singing and ministry of Rev Judy Kocha – a very uplifting and positive start to the evening. Rev Malone wrote:  ‘We were truly blessed by the ministry of Rev Teresa. Teresa gave an insightful address on the Trinity. One person present said: “I have been a Christian for decades and really struggled with the idea of the Trinity. After hearing Teresa I finally get it! Thank you Lord!” During our time of worship and prayer many present were deeply moved by the power of the Holy Spirit, receiving deep personal revelation and healing. All praise to our Living Lord!’

On Friday lunch time a small group of clergy gathered to converse around the topic of Spiritual Oppression and Deliverance Ministry. it was such an animated and worthwhile conversation that we plan to conduct similar events on similar matters with more targeted publicity.

Batemans Bay
Teresa spoke and ministered at Batemans Bay Anglican on Saturday night 23 July and Sunday night 24 July with both evenings being well attended from across the local churches.  The two messages that she shared: “Blessing your Community” and “All shall Prophesy” (see earlier how to access these audio recordings).

The Rector reported:  ‘On the Saturday night when Teresa spoke on  Blessing your Community she responded to the Spirit’s prompting, and with consultation, delivered this message instead of one that had been earlier thought of as we were planning the visit – it was a Spirit inspired moment and the message resonated strongly with were we as local churches had been focusing for the last several years; it had parallels with the Grace Outpouring which we had been building on and it reminded us that as God’s people we are called to pray for the health and prosperity of the town in which we live and to be and to declare God’s blessing on those with whom we live.  Some people were ministered to for healing including some with anxiety and God’s peace was thick like a blanket over the meeting.  One young boy was drawn to pray with us as we ministered to one another with great love and compassion and we saw the Holy Spirit move.’

‘Saturday night provided the perfect platform for Sunday evening were Teresa focused on the words of Peter in Acts 2 that the Spirit was given that all might prophesy, and this is reiterated by Paul in Corinthians  but now presented against a background from Saturday that our calling is to be a Blessing not a Judgement to our community.  Not every one is called to be a Prophet or to have a specific Gift of Prophecy but all are called to hear God’s voice and to respond to what it says – to act according to God’s call.  It is impossible not to be engaged by Teresa’s humble but bubbly and dynamic teaching presence but that does not disguise that her words and delivery  point to a wisdom gained from solid reflection on God’s word and a confidence to call upon him for his people.  We saw more people ministered to and the Spirit moving again in physical and emotional healing  and release for people.  We were greatly encouraged in this time and affirmed in our understanding that God wants his people to work together in unity as beloved children of God.’

Batemans Bay a town in which church unity is prized and promoted, saw Teresa invited to preach at the main service of the Southland Apostolic Church on Sunday morning. After a encouraging message (video link above) there was a time of ministry which continued after the Service completed. The Pastor was adamant that any time Teresa was visiting the Anglicans that she should also come and share amongst the other churches.


Rev Ranking wrote: ‘With an expectant heart I opened my home to host Teresa, and welcomed her to share in ministry in our parish of Mornington & Mt Martha Anglican Church (Mornington Victoria), and we were not disappointed.  Teresa spent 5 days with us and began ministry through a small group session on Tuesday night of worship, message and prayer for individuals.  This was followed up the next day with some extensive prayer ministry with a young adult who came forward for prayer the night before.  God’s grace and mercy broke through and began a great shift for this young person.  There was news of healing from a skin condition also reported from the Tuesday night session.  Thursday morning tea we had organised for a gathering and it was very apt that those who turned up were our youth team.  This was a significant time of prayer, encouragement and building up with words of prophecy for each member.’ 

‘Some significant prayer time and words of knowledge were given to the clergy team that not only encouraged, but also affirmed for the team what they had believed God had been saying to them.  On top of all of this at a parish level, on a personal level and as Teresa’s host, I could not have been more blessed if I’d asked.  We had many worship sessions and prayer time in my family lounge and the presence of God with us was exactly what I needed to be refreshed, encouraged and spirit ignited to move forward in my own ministry.  So Teresa, Kite Ministries, thank you for the blessing you brought to Mornington.

Geelong – Hamlyn Heights

The Vicar writes …’ What a positive and encouraging weekend! Last weekend we were visited by the lively ‘Pocket Rocket’ from San Francisco…Dr Teresa Parish. In the Saturday workshop session Teresa challenged us to make love our aim and to seek out the prophetic. Quite a number of those attending, from St Albans and other local churches, were surprised as they gave the practice session a go…a very positive outcome!  Sunday morning Teresa spoke on Mark 8 and encouraged us to have a Kingdom mindset. There was a powerful response to this challenge with some individuals sharing very personally of how God had been at work in their lives and how that had shaped their Kingdom view on life. Thankyou Teresa for your heart for the Church and desiring to see the Church active in its calling .  Until next time…


The Reverend Trish Stuart Smith writes ….’It was wonderful to welcome Teresa Parish on Wednesday night to a gathering of women from 8 different parishes around Hobart and be encouraged with a reminder for the need of Holy Spirit renewal.  The highlight was the time of prayer where people were vulnerable and open to hearing God’s voice of encouragement, healing and refreshing. Teresa brought a wonderful spirit of God’s joy and with her enthusiasm even had us dancing!’  Bp Condie also met with Teresa and shared a prayer time – no dancing was recorded (LOL – Bp Ian writes).

Some other testimonies and comment: …’From the moment Teresa started teaching , I felt the presence  of God in the room and knew that Holy Spirit wanted to do a deep healing work in my left arm( which I am unable to completely straighten due to rheumatoid arthritis  ) I laid out my arm on my thigh towards her in anticipation. There was such a warm sensation in my arm all afternoon. I sensed the LORD wanted it , wanted us all,  whole and restored. There is no pain in my arm today. Continuing to celebrate the victory of our LORD today. Thankful  to our LORD for spending some little time with her . What a pocket rocket and absolute treasure. Blessings abundant!’


‘Teresa … and her  ministry… JOY JOY JOY, It  such a delight to be in the presence of our Lord corporately with other Holy Spirit filled believers with and with an authentic woman who is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to what He wants to do in the lives of the broken and hurt.’ 


A St Clements prayer group in Hobart who meet by zoom to worship and sit with the Lord were delighted to have Teresa share and minister in person with them on Friday. ‘Teresa shared initially from John 8 – Jesus the light of the world. Worship of Jesus and turning eyes to Him led into ministry prayer for those present. The Lord was powerfully at work with healing, release, restoration and blessing being imparted in a way that was personally relevant and encouraging to each one.  One participant said It was obvious that Teresa was hearing from and being sensitive to the Spirit as she was able to pray into her personal circumstances in a way that was totally relevant, encouraging and challenging but also very respectful.’

As you can read it was a very positive initiative from ARNA and we hope to bring you more such events in the future.  Please pray from ARNA.

Bishop Ian Lambert
Aug 2022

Call to Prayer for the 15th Lambeth Conference

26 July – 8th August 2022

ARNA is calling all Australian Anglicans to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the bishops of the Anglican Communion who will be gathering in England this July for the 15th Lambeth Conference. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, asks: “Please pray that as we meet and consider our shared mission and ministry, that we may hear the call from God. In turn, that we might add our voices to call others to make a difference for Christ in the world.”

The Lambeth Conference is a once-a-decade gathering of bishops from across the Anglican Communion for prayer and reflection, fellowship and dialogue on church and world affairs. With the theme of ‘God’s Church for God’s World – walking, listening and witnessing together,’ the conference will explore what it means for the Anglican Communion to be responsive to the needs of a 21st Century world.

Please pray especially for the ministry of the international team of Lambeth Conference chaplains, led by our Australian Anglican Franciscan brother Christopher John SSF.

ARNA is organising local prayer vigils in cities across Australia in the week before the Conference begins. For more information contact the local ARNA coordinator in your area.

A daily prayer guide for the Conference, prepared by Anglican religious communities from around the Communion, is also available at: