Personal Message from Archbishop Welby

ARNA is delighted to share with you a personal message from Archbishop Justin Welby expressing his support and encouragement for the vision of Anglican Renewal Network Australia, and commending our online Pentecost Retreat.

We have rarely been more aware of our need for the enabling and empowering of the Holy Spirit. This is true for us as individuals, as local churches and across regions and nations.

However, we long for the renewing of the Spirit’s living water not for our own refreshing or comfort, but so that we might be effective as witnesses of Christ in the world. Across our precious Anglican Communion we follow the practice of those first disciples, following the ascension of Christ; to pray, to wait and to believe. I commend ARNA, I encourage all who can to join together in seeking God’s empowering presence, and I join you in praying ‘Come Holy Spirit, Renew Your Church.”

Justin Welby

Published by ARNA

The Anglican Renewal Network Australia seeks to promote and facilitate a deep, intimate, and transforming relationship with God by The Spirit, for the whole church.

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