Praise God for such an encouraging beginning!

Dear friends, it was such a joy to see so many of you on Saturday as we gathered for our inaugural eGathering and launched the brand new ARNA Website. Thank you for your prayers, patience and support as we have worked towards this through some challenging times.

If you missed the launch, you can catch up on the recording HERE.

Please check out our Facebook page and don’t forget to ‘like’ and ‘share’ things. This assists us to get the word out.

We look forward to our upcoming programme of events for Pentecost. Watch this space for updates closer to the time.

This network is designed to share connection and resources, so we need your contributions. What is God’s Spirit bringing to new life in your church?

May the ministry of ARNA bear much fruit to God’s glory!

Every blessing, Helen (on behalf of the ARNA Working Group)

Published by ARNA

The Anglican Renewal Network Australia seeks to promote and facilitate a deep, intimate, and transforming relationship with God by The Spirit, for the whole church.

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